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Selecting the right games for Kids

By   2015-09-27

It's the parents' responsibility to make sure that their kids aren't doing things that could cause them harm. Choosing the right games for their kids are also the parents responsibility. It could be hard to control what games kids could play on the internet, but it is easier to control what games kids should play on their video game consoles. Each video game has a rating that help parents know which games are suitable for their kids. There are seven ratings assigned by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB). I'll show you those ratings:


Early Children (EC)

These games are intended for young children so basically toddlers can play these games. It is recommended to get games with content for a developing child.


Everyone (E)

These games are suitable for all ages, but it is best for kids age six or eight years and over. The games may contain some cartoon, fantasy or mild violence and/or occasional use of mild language. 


Everyone 10+ (E10+)

Games with this rating are suitable for kids ten years and over. The games may contain additional cartoon, mild violence or fantasy, mild language and/or or some suggestive themes. Suggestive themes could mean anything that might seem inappropriate for younger viewers (example: a girl wearing a tight short skirt, people drinking at a bar and etc).


Teen (T)

Kids ages 13 years and over can play these games. The games might contain everything and more of the things mentioned in the previous rating in addition to some blood, vulgar humor, and/or pretend gambling.


Mature (M)

These games are for mature players who are 17 years old and over. They may contain extreme sexual content, blood and gore, violence and/or strong language.


Adults Only (AO)

This is for gamers who are 18 years old and over, but they must be able to handle the intense scenes shown in the games. They often show all or some of the things mentioned in the previous rating.


Rated Pending (RP)

Games that haven't been assigned ratings.


These ratings are used in most countries, but it might be a bit different in your country. Each child is mentally and intellectually different, so it's up to the parents to determine which game is appropriate for their child, even if the game is supposed to be suitable for their age group. Also, it helps to read the description of the games before you make your purchases. Now your child can freely play games on their video game console without you worrying about the games.



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