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Working long hours at your job or school every day can be very tiring. Whether you choose to go to the picnic with your family or watch the beautiful stars at night time, taking a break from the stresses in your daily life can help keep you healthy. Playing games on computers have become a great hobby for many people worldwide. Role playing games have been quite popular because you feel as if you're in a fantasy world where you can make your dreams come true.


What is a role playing game?

A role playing game is a game that allows players to venture out into a world where they interact with virtual characters in places such as villages, castles, dungeons, and maple leaf lands. The player becomes a character that might possess special skills such as magic powers and awesome fighting techniques. The players need to complete tasks in order to finish their adventure. It might not be easy for players to complete all the levels in a game, if there are hard puzzles to endure. Some role playing games have multiple endings, so the players' involvement in the game can determine how the game will end. There are many different types of role playing games, and some of these games require you to defeat all your enemies in each level, so learning how to fight well is very crucial in these cases. 


Anika's Odyssey: land of the taniwha

One of the popular online role playing game is called Anika's Odyssey. In this game, you take on a role of a young girl named Anika who must fetch a bucket of water for her mother from the well. Anika's chores are interrupted when a giant eagle fly by and steals her favorite stuff bunny. Anika must venture out into the magical forest called Taniwha to get her bunny back. Anika has to face obstacles on her journey and solve puzzles to advance in the game. Anika comes face to face with enchanted creatures of the forest and not all creatures are there to help Anika. It's a nice game for all ages and I have completed the game by myself with some guidance of a walkthrough video. It could take up to one hour to complete the game if your not having trouble. The downfall of Anika's Odyssey is that there is no game saving option so you should only play the game in your free time.


Everything isn't fun and games

Online role playing games are fun for everyone to play, but there are two issues that I need to address. The first issue is that, it can take a long time to complete the games, so some people might lose interest in this game genre. It can take quite a while to learn how to play a role playing game, and it is more time consuming if there are many levels in the game. The second issue is that there are real stories of gamers who died from playing their role playing game because they played for 40+ hours without any breaks in between. Becoming obsessed with playing games can be a serious problem. People with personal problems might use their games as a means to escape instead of getting help for their problems. Therefore, games in this genre are better suited for people with allot of patience, and who can take game breaks to take care of themselves mentally and physically.


Living in a fantasy world is fun, but we can't forget that we are in the real world so we need to take good care of our bodies to survive. It is recommended to take breaks from playing the role playing games. Online role playing games can be found on many arcade websites including this one. If you have allot of patience, and you like the idea of being in an alternate reality, role playing games are what you need to fulfill your dreams!. 

There are many games that you can play online for free. You can find games that will keep you entertained. Online games' popularity has increased since the day they were put on the internet. In this article I'll be discussing more about this topic.


It is very convenient to play games online

Most people have the internet at their disposal, so it's easy to play games. You don't need to do unnecessary things to get access to games like spending hours on a bus to go to an arcade. There are thousands of free games that you can play online. This is the main reason why it is so popular.


Helps kill time

Playing outside, or going to the movies with your friends helped many people to stop being bored. If obstacles are in your way of doing those activities, you want to find something else with activity which is playing games. Watching television has always been popular for killing time, but it doesn't involve other activities like playing games.


It is fun to win

It feels great to win something and playing games gives people that pleasure. It gives you more confidence when you completed a game with your skills. It doesn't matter if you win against a computer or a human being because the result is still the same.


It gives gamers excitement

Almost every game is unique; they have nice graphics and a cool story line. This can make people feel excited when they play an online game. Also, the challenge can lure people to play for hours. Everyone loves to have a challenge while playing games and it is more fun when you play with another human online who is anonymous. Playing in virtual reality can be very addictive.


Online games give people pleasure; this will keep them from becoming unpopular in many years to come. Each game brings new challenges which are fun for gamers. Your gaming skills will improve with each new game you play and from passing the levels in the games. You can submit your scores online in most games to see how good you are against other players around the world.



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