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Game walkthroughs

By   2015-10-14

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Did you ever get stuck in the game and you spend hours trying to pass a level?. You feel so frustrated that you can't progress in your game?. The game's description isn't enough to help you. There is a solution to your problem. Thanks to the internet, there are game walkthroughs for many games made by gamers like you. There are game walkthroughs for video games that you play on your game system, and there are also game walkthroughs for your internet games. You can find tutorials for almost every game that you enjoy. I'll discuss further.


Video game bloggers 

Video game bloggers are gamers like you who love to share their game knowledge with people. These gamers normally play their games on their computer for their fans, and they use a video maker PC program that captures everything on the screen. Most video game bloggers upload their game walkthrough videos to YouTube. They sometimes show a small video of themselves playing the game which is displayed in one four corner of the game walkthrough video. They do this to engage with their audience better. These gamers like to build their subscribers list with the help of game walkthrough videos. Well made videos can entice people to watch them.


Article game bloggers

There are game related sites that have blog posts or articles about games. You can find information about anything on these sites like game reviews, game walkthroughs, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo and more. The game walkthrough articles are usually compose of the most difficult parts of the games and sometimes they use images to show you how to play the games. It takes less server resources to write articles about the games instead of posting a game walkthrough video on your server. Website visitors come by to use the game walkthrough articles as guidance. If there is an email list or a member base, you can sign up to keep updated.


How to watch or read a game walkthrough?

The first step you should take is to try one more time to complete the level that is causing you problems. Don't attempt to redo the same mistake in the game, but try another strategy. If you still can't pass the level, look for the game walkthrough on the internet, and watch or read the game walkthrough up to the part you are in the game, and after continue playing the game. You might want to look at the game walkthrough more than once, which is fine, but I recommend to do this in moderation. It's best to try to complete the game with your own skill.


Pros of game walkthroughs

  1. Bloggers can use game walkthroughs to monetize their blog.
  2. You don't need to spend weeks or more trying to complete the game.
  3. Helps you to enjoy playing the game.
  4. Prevent the game from getting in the way of your daily life.


Cons of game walkthroughs

  1. You might not find the answer to your question.
  2. You might not find the game you seek.
  3. You might not be satisfied to finish the game without using your skills.
  4. You might rely on them too much.


Gamers usually do game walkthroughs for current and popular games that are in demand.  There are over 30 million people on the web, so it is possible to get the game walkthrough that you need. It's entertaining to watch a game walkthrough to see how others play the game even if you have already completed the game. Role playing games are usually the most difficult game genre so game walkthroughs are very important for games in this category. 




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