New Game Shop

By   2017-05-11

Hello everyone,

I'm selling a game package here at a very low cost. It contains game ebooks, game plr articles, game background drawing that I made and bonuses. In the near future I want to add all kinds of artwork to the package that can be used for games. The game package has master resale rights. Thanks for stopping by!.

Hi everyone, I no longer put download links in profile page because of script errors, so you'll have to validate your email to get the download link. For more free stuff, you'll have to subscribe to us. The subscribe link is found in the footer. Have a nice day!.

I made BIG changes to arcade site

By   2016-06-23

Hi, I change arcade site to a puzzle arcade site. I already had many games that were puzzles, which is good. You'll notice that most games are harder to complete which is good for the brain. I had to do research about puzzle topics/categories which help me to know which games to keep and add. I added over 100 new puzzle games. I had to delete 32 games that weren't puzzles and games that glorify stuff like magic, witchcraft and Halloween because I want games to be more God or kids friendly. I also have a new site logo, which is a jigsaw puzzle piece broken into two. I drew the broken puzzle on my Asus vivotab note 8 tablet.

Making some changes on website

By   2015-09-30

Hey everyone, I'm not satisfy with my game tags so you might notice some changes this whole week. I might have to run maintenance on Saturday or Sunday. Thanks for reading!.

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