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Escape Christmas Castle One day, you found a Christmas castle made out of ice, on the mountain of snow. You decided to go in...
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Chubby Kid Escape Your friend has been kidnapped by bad guys and locked inside some place in the underground. He needs...
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Caveman Escape Caveman Escape is a fun jumping game. Help the caveman to escape from the dark woods. The hearts can...
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Comfy Bedroom Escape Your bedroom door is locked so you can't go outside to meet your friends. You need to solve puzzles...
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Daisy Escape Play School Fun Daisy needs to go to school, but first she needs to do her chores and prepare for school.
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Crosswords Find all the words as fast as you can to score points.
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Charlie Brown Word Search You are given 10 minutes to find all the words in this Charlie Brown game. Have fun!.
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The Smurfs Word Search You need to find the names of the Smurfs in 10 minutes.
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The Chipmunks Word Search Search for the names of the characters from the Chipmunks within 10 minutes.
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WordIt 2 Form words with the set of letters given to you. You have 20 fun levels to play.
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Sea Fish Memory Game Cool memory game staring fishes from the sea. You have eight levels to complete.
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Peppa Pig Toy House You need to decorate the doll house by placing all the furnitures in the rooms that you think they b...
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Smurfette Mushroom Match Smurfette Mushroom Match is a match 3 game where you must group three or more mushrooms that are the...
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Pregnant Mom Gives Baby Birth Pregnant mom needs your help making her baby's clothes, delivering her baby at the hospital and help...
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Olaf Noughts & Crosses Olaf from Frozen Fever wants to play Tic Tac Toe with you. This is a fun game that only requires you...
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Olaf Frozen Hide & Seek Play hide and seek with Olaf from Frozen Fever.
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Anna Frozen Fever TicTacToe Play Tic Tac Toe with Anna from Frozen Fever. You can choose to play with a friend or with the compu...
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Toma's Memo Rally Cool memory game for kids!.
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Olaf vs His Shadow Play Tic Tac Toe with Olaf from the cartoon Frozen Fever.
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Cute Butterfly Memory Game Find all the matching pairs in this Cute Butterfly Memory Game before the time runs out.
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