Physics - Page 3

Flappy Bat You are a bat and you must fly while avoiding the traps.
0 0   330   0
Make Me Fly This is like a point and click game. Help the bird fly between obstacles without touching them.
0 0   309   0
Flappy Santa Claus Help Santa Claus to fly between the ice to collect gifts for all the good kids around the world. Avo...
0 0   309   0
Mr.Birdie Help Mr. Birdie to win medals by flying between the pipes. Avoid crashing into the pipes.
0 0   316   1
Forest Adventure - Bobby You must help Bobby to cross to the other side while avoiding dangers on the way. Be careful not to...
0 0   290   0
Sam Egypt Adventure Sam traveled to Egypt for a treasure hunt. Sam must collect all the gems while avoiding traps along...
0 0   291   0
Cracking Monkey Help monkey to crack and eat the peanuts while avoiding obstacles.
0 0   332   0
The Final Boss In this one and two player game, you'll have to shoot to kill the boss while avoiding getting killed...
0 0   360   0
Jetpack Master In this awesome game, help Jeff Powers to collect many good items while he's running and jumping.
0 0   409   0
Soccertastic Soccer is allot of fun. You are the soccer player in this game and you must use different techniques...
1 0   567   1
Gravity Driver In this 3D game, you'll be driving a beautiful car inside a tunnel. You can drive on the ceiling and...
0 0   307   0
Fruit Farm Shooting Collect points by shooting all the fruits with your axe in this farm. You have to use a canon to rel...
1 0   356   0
Let me grow Solve puzzles to get the water come to the flowers and to help them grow in the garden.
0 0   302   0
Fishy Rush In Fishy Rush there are obstacles in the ocean such as sharks that prevents little fish from swimmin...
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