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Rascal Build Skyscraper Your job is to build the tallest skyscraper. To do this you must shoot the rope attached to the heli...
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Woodwork Builder Woodwork Builder is a nice physics game with many puzzles to solve. The red object must go into the...
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Gravity is Wrong Cool falling game in the reverse direction. Help Your blue circle buddy to collect many coins while...
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Angry Birds Slingshot Fun The pigs have been locked up for stealing your eggs and you still want to get more revenge for what...
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Angry Birds Hunt In this game, you must hunt down all the angry birds with your slingshot and nuts. You have 5 lives...
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Angry Birds Bubble Shooter A cool bubble shooter game featuring Angry Birds. You need to aim your bubble angry bird to two or m...
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Angry Birds Love Bounce Angry Birds are in love and they need your help!. The male Angry Bird's heart must reach to his girl...
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Snowman's Adventure Help the snowman to find his missing objects in the forest.
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Cupid Love Adventure Cupid needs to pass through deadly obstacles to reach his girlfriend.
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Circus Carnival Escape You are best friends with your special dog. One day, a bad man kidnapped your dog and put him in the...
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Escape Christmas Castle One day, you found a Christmas castle made out of ice, on the mountain of snow. You decided to go in...
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Chubby Kid Escape Your friend has been kidnapped by bad guys and locked inside some place in the underground. He needs...
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Comfy Bedroom Escape Your bedroom door is locked so you can't go outside to meet your friends. You need to solve puzzles...
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Daisy Escape Play School Fun Daisy needs to go to school, but first she needs to do her chores and prepare for school.
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Crosswords Find all the words as fast as you can to score points.
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Charlie Brown Word Search You are given 10 minutes to find all the words in this Charlie Brown game. Have fun!.
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The Smurfs Word Search You need to find the names of the Smurfs in 10 minutes.
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The Chipmunks Word Search Search for the names of the characters from the Chipmunks within 10 minutes.
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WordIt 2 Form words with the set of letters given to you. You have 20 fun levels to play.
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Sea Fish Memory Game Cool memory game staring fishes from the sea. You have eight levels to complete.
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