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Homemade Ice Cream Susan's friends come to visit her and now she needs your help to make homemade ice cream for her fri...
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Zoe School Project Zoe has to make a school project for class but she doesn't know what to do. You're here to save Zoe...
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Zoe Accident Recovery Zoe went outside to ride her bicycle with her dog. Zoe accidentally crash her bicycle and now Zoe an...
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Adventure Time Tetris Play Tetris with Finn and Jake. Make sure that there is no space between the blocks on the ground.
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Winnie the Pooh - Spot 6 Diff Look for the six differences between the two Winnie the pooh images that are a mirror of each other....
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Doorstep Restaurant Doorstep restaurant is about a chef who takes orders from his customers and brings them to their hou...
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Baby Zoe Hair Salon Baby Zoe's hair has grown so much so now she needs your help to get a new hair cut and dandruff trea...
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Puppy Beauty Salon Your puppy needs a make over. You took your puppy to a beauty salon to get a new hair do, a bath, an...
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Deep Sea - Spot the Difference Look for the six differences in the images before the time runs out. You'll earn points for every ri...
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Play Taste Match Play this match 3 game with yummy cupcakes. You'll gain points for eliminating cupcakes from the boa...
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Balloon Blaster Pop all the balloons that you see within the time limit.
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Ferrari Sliding Puzzle Complete the puzzle by sliding the puzzle pieces on the board to form the Ferrari picture.
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Elsa & Jack Tetris Play Tetris with Elsa and Jack Frost from Frozen.
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Minions Tetris The Minions have their own Tetris game and they'll love it if you play with them. Make the blocks mo...
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Olaf Tetris Play Tetris with Olaf from Frozen.
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Tetris Adventure Time Play this fun Tetris game with the characters from Adventure time. Have fun!.
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Dinosaur - Spot the Difference Find all the differences In the cute dinosaur images before the time runs out.
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Thanksgiving - Spot the Difference Find all the differences between the Thanksgiving images.
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Christmas Spot Differences You have to find all the differences between the two pictures for Christmas within a certain time.
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Zoe's Day at Farm Zoe has to build a farm house for her school project. She also has to take care of the animals at he...
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