Win Life Is Strange EP 1 game

By   2015-09-05

Hi, Sign up at Arcadecharm and visit the contest link in your account to complete our short game survey.






  1. Life Is Strange EP1 game


Contest requirements:

  1. You must sign up at Arcadecharm and verify your email.
  2. *Earn at least 20 points at Arcadecharm by playing games, commenting and etc.
  3. *You must complete all the questions that are required in the survey.
  4. If you are the winner, you need an account here to download the game. 


Contest ends on December 5, 2015 at 10:30 pm. We're only accepting 250 members for this contest, but there will be more contest in the future. Member's with the all the requirements will have their surveys checked first. The winner will receive the gift in the same month. If the winner doesn't respond to our email within the week after winning, another member will be the winner instead. The winner will be mentioned in the comment below. 


Here is the link to analyze the results in the survey. Open-ended and Individual responses will not be shown in public.

*The member with the most points has a higher chance of winning, but their quiz responses from the survey must be answered correctly.

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