My new obsession

By   2016-08-07

Hello all, I have a new obsession with escape games!. I feel guilty because God always comes first, but I guess He'll understand jk lol. I'm actually new to these kinds of games. I hated them before because I didn't understand how to find the clues and use the hidden objects, which is embarrassing.


There are escape games that are easy for kids and beginners like me to play like Daisy Escape Play School Fun, so I have no problems with those types of escape games. I call them the casual escape games. But there are escape games that are in a totally different category and I called them the expert escape games!.


The expert escape games hide clues and codes in crazy places like on pictures, letters, walls, dressers, signs and etc. We have to decipher the clues like some detective. Last week I decided to play my first escape game again called Lodge Escape that I had trouble with right after completing another escape game with the help of a walk-through video.


I finally understand the trick to solving puzzles in escape games and I have been playing them all week on other arcade sites too. If you play escape games from more than one game creator, then you need to figure out their techniques. I think that I'm now in the same league as detective Conan (case closed anime) when it comes to cracking codes :P. I'm thinking of getting a custom made escape game created for me within my budget. As a special thanks to escape games, I'll be adding mostly escape games this month. Thanks for reading!

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