Short url site gone

By   2019-02-02

Hi, everyone

My short url site at is gone because I'm switching over to a PTC/GPT site using my old domain called I won't be having a short url site anymore for the following reasons: there are only 33 members, I have no advertisers and because I'm not really interested in a short url site. My old domain called was meant to be used for a PTC site when I bought the domain years ago. I just bought my PTC/GPT site so my site isn't aired as yet. The new site will  have offerwalls, ptc, ptp, contests, clixgrid, ptr and etc. I already sent my short url members a personal email saying that if they join my new site using their same email, I'll give them a free upgrade and $0.10 in their account balance. I owe some members there about $0.01 each so the $0.10 is suppose to cover it. I'll be posting updates here. I like playing on roblox so feel free to add arcadecharm as a friend or follow me if you play there too. Thanks for reading!

Our new short url site

By   2018-05-29

Hello everyone,

I have a new site called You can shrink your links for free!. Earn up to $15 for 1000 views!. I only accept game and ptc related links and sites that are christian friendly just like my arcade site. It's a great site for christians and everyone else!. I'll sometimes have a referral contest on the site. There's a 1 year free upgrade when you signup and a signup bonus for a short time. Thanks for reading!.

This Arcade site was down

By   2017-11-30

Hello everyone,

This Arcade site was down for maintenance for several months. My previous host snoork lost everyone's back up data around May 30,17 and they never gave me a refund that they promised me. They locked me out of my account. I payed for 1 year hosting in advance and I only got to use about 3 or 4 months because they took down everyone's site on the day they lost back up data and they got rid of shared hosting. Customers on VPS are facing the same issues but Snoork tryed to get me to pay more money to get VPS. I lost some articles and many games as a result. I had to change host. It's been a year since I made back up from that time. I was able to recover most of my content and games from my own back up. I also had to rely on internet archives to get back my newer content and games. I still have about 60 something games to reupload. Some links in link exchange haven't been recovered so I aplogise for that. I have personal problems so I'm unable to reupload all of my games before making site live. I'll try to reupload games everyday. Many of these games don't show the real number of times being played because they're from an old back up. Thanks for reading!

Hi everyone, I no longer put download links in profile page because of script errors, so you'll have to validate your email to get the download link. For more free stuff, you'll have to subscribe to us. The subscribe link is found in the footer. Have a nice day!.

I made BIG changes to arcade site

By   2016-06-23

Hi, I change arcade site to a puzzle arcade site. I already had many games that were puzzles, which is good. You'll notice that most games are harder to complete which is good for the brain. I had to do research about puzzle topics/categories which help me to know which games to keep and add. I added over 100 new puzzle games. I had to delete 32 games that weren't puzzles and games that glorify stuff like magic, witchcraft and Halloween because I want games to be more God or kids friendly. I also have a new site logo, which is a jigsaw puzzle piece broken into two. I drew the broken puzzle on my Asus vivotab note 8 tablet.

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