Short url site gone

By   2019-02-02

Hi, everyone

My short url site at is gone because I'm switching over to a PTC/GPT site using my old domain called I won't be having a short url site anymore for the following reasons: there are only 33 members, I have no advertisers and because I'm not really interested in a short url site. My old domain called was meant to be used for a PTC site when I bought the domain years ago. I just bought my PTC/GPT site so my site isn't aired as yet. The new site will  have offerwalls, ptc, ptp, contests, clixgrid, ptr and etc. I already sent my short url members a personal email saying that if they join my new site using their same email, I'll give them a free upgrade and $0.10 in their account balance. I owe some members there about $0.01 each so the $0.10 is suppose to cover it. I'll be posting updates here. I like playing on roblox so feel free to add arcadecharm as a friend or follow me if you play there too. Thanks for reading!

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