This Arcade site was down

By   2017-11-30

Hello everyone,

This Arcade site was down for maintenance for several months. My previous host snoork lost everyone's back up data around May 30,17 and they never gave me a refund that they promised me. They locked me out of my account. I payed for 1 year hosting in advance and I only got to use about 3 or 4 months because they took down everyone's site on the day they lost back up data and they got rid of shared hosting. Customers on VPS are facing the same issues but Snoork tryed to get me to pay more money to get VPS. I lost some articles and many games as a result. I had to change host. It's been a year since I made back up from that time. I was able to recover most of my content and games from my own back up. I also had to rely on internet archives to get back my newer content and games. I still have about 60 something games to reupload. Some links in link exchange haven't been recovered so I aplogise for that. I have personal problems so I'm unable to reupload all of my games before making site live. I'll try to reupload games everyday. Many of these games don't show the real number of times being played because they're from an old back up. Thanks for reading!

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