Games tagged with: Flying

Hello Kitty Flappy Planet Of Floating Crystals Astronaut Kitty is on a mission to collect unique materials from other planets and bring them back t...
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Bubble Rubble The Island It's a nice sunny day at the beach, but it's a gloomy day for Mr. Bubble. Mr. Bubble's girlfriend is...
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Flappy Turkey You are a flappy turkey and you must collect food such as corn, apple, and pumpkin for Thanksgiving...
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Flappy Bat You are a bat and you must fly while avoiding the traps.
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Make Me Fly This is like a point and click game. Help the bird fly between obstacles without touching them.
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Rocket Man Rocket man must collect many coins as possible to complete a level. Watch out for the enemies and ob...
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Flappy Santa Claus Help Santa Claus to fly between the ice to collect gifts for all the good kids around the world. Avo...
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Mr.Birdie Help Mr. Birdie to win medals by flying between the pipes. Avoid crashing into the pipes.
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Jetpack Master In this awesome game, help Jeff Powers to collect many good items while he's running and jumping.
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